KTU MCA Integrated S3&S4 Syllabus

KTU releases syllabus for S3 and S4 MCA Integrated students.

The course codes and subject list is given below for quick reference. Students will have to study 14 subjects in total. Out of these, 4 are lab subjects.

KTU S3 MCA Integrated

  1. INMCA201 Principles of Programming
  2. INMCA203 Probability and Statistics
  3. INMCA205 Introduction to Object Oriented Programming
  4. INMCA207 Accounting and Financial Management
  5. INMCA209 Introduction to Data Structures
  6. INMCA231 Basic Data Structures Lab
  7. INMCA233 Basic Object Oriented Programming Lab

KTU S4 MCA Integrated

  1. INMCA202 Introduction to Visual Programming
  2. INMCA204 Applied Statistics
  3. INMCA206 Introduction to Operating Systems
  4. INMCA208 Elements of Business Management
  5. INMCA212 Internet Concepts and Web Design
  6. INMCA232 Visual Programming Lab
  7. INMCA234 Statistics Lab

For official syllabus, please click here.

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