KTU S5&S6 MCA Integrated Syllabus

KTU releases syllabus for S5 and S6 MCA Integrated students.

The course codes and subject list is given below for quick reference. Students will have to study 14 subjects in total. Out of these, 4 are lab subjects.

S5 Syllabus for MCA Integrated

  1. INMCA301 Mathematics for Computer Applications
  2. INMCA303 Introduction to E-Commerce
  3. INMCA305 Introduction to RDBMS and SQL
  4. INMCA307 IT Infrastructure Management
  5. INMCA309 Introduction to Operations Research
  6. INMCA331 RDBMS Lab
  7. INMCA333 Scripting Lab

S5 Syllabus for MCA Integrated

  1. INMCA302 Introduction to Software Engineering
  2. INMCA304 Numerical Methods
  3. INMCA306 Computational Sustainability
  4. INMCA308 Open Source Platforms
  5. INMCA312 Advanced Object Oriented Programming
  6. INMCA332 Advanced Object Oriented Programming Lab
  7. INMCA334 Open Source Platforms Lab

For the official syllabus, please click here.

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