MCA Regular S5 & S6 KTU Syllabus

Kerala Technological University has published the syllabus for S5 and S6 regular MCA students. The syllabus is given below for quick reference.

S5 KTU MCA Syllabus

  1. RLMCA301 Web Data Mining
  2. RLMCA303 E-Commerce
  3. RLMCA305 Cryptography and Cyber Security
  4. RLMCA3– Elective II
  5. RLMCA3– Elective III
  6. RLMCA341 Seminar
  7. RLMCA351 Mini Project


  1. RLMCA361 Compiler Construction
  2. RLMCA381 Cloud Computing
  3. RLMCA363 IPR and Cyber Law
  4. RLMCA383 Human Computer Interaction
  5. RLMCA365 Cyber Forensics
  6. RLMCA385 Bioinformatics
  7. RLMCA367 Internet of Things
  8. RLMCA387 Computer Graphics
  9. RLMCA369 Python Programming
  10. RLMCA389 Parallel and Distributed Computing
  11. RLMCA371 Social Network Analysis
  12. RLMCA391 Artificial Intelligence

S6 KTU MCA Syllabus

  1. RLMCA352 Project and Viva Voce

To download official syllabus, please click here.

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